Cultivation Teal Certification

Cultivation Teal Certification

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The Teal Certification in Cultivation is a targeted program for Grow Technicians, Grow Managers, and anyone else who works on the grow room floor. After a brief introduction to the Seed-to-Sale software as a whole, the learning path explores the essential cultivation workflow, including managing living plants from the propagation stage through to the flowering stage, tracking destroyed material, and logging harvests. You will also get a peek at how the Seed-to-Sale software manages cannabis post-harvest, and learn how cannabis is processed, tested for quality, and approved for packaging and sale.

Learning Resources

As part of the certification program, students receive access to learning aids and bonus introductory courses on the history of cannabis legislation in Canada. Students also receive access to the Ample Organics Knowledge Base, which contains over 500 articles on the Seed-to-Sale software.


Approximately three hours.


Upon purchasing this learning plan, a student has 30 days to earn their Teal Certification.

Courses Included

  • The Ample Organics Ecosystem: Learn how the software and hardware elements of the Seed-to-Sale software integrate with daily workflows at a cannabis facility.
  • Destruction: Learn how to set up, close, and destroy Destruction Lots, and explore the essential destruction workflow used throughout the Seed-to-Sale software.
  • Grow: Learn how the Grow module tracks living cannabis plants through a complete cultivation cycle, from seed or cutting through to harvest.
  • Productions & Work Orders: Learn how to manage Bulk Lots, process harvested cannabis into a saleable form, and perform lab testing and other essential quality assurance tasks.

Cultivation Teal Certification