Ample Organics Champion Certification

Ample Organics Champion Certification

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Master all of the teal certifications and become an Ample Organics Champion!  

This certification includes all of the courses available on AmpleLearn and will teach you the ins and outs of Ample Organics, the seed-to-sale platform that powers 70 percent of Canada’s cannabis licence holders. Learn how the platform supports the production processes that happen within a cannabis facility and how to best use its record keeping functionalities to uphold compliance.  Students will receive access to downloadable learning aids and bonus introductory courses on the Cannabis Act, the basics of seed-to-sale compliance in Canada, and cannabis tracking and recordkeeping.

Students will also receive access to the Ample Organics Knowledge Base throughout the duration of the certification. The Knowledge Base contains over 500 overview and process articles about the seed-to-sale platform’s many features.

Upon successful completion, earn an Ample Champion Teal Certification — the highest certification we offer. Be prepared for a rewarding career in the cannabis industry.

About this Certification

Duration: Approximately 8 hours.

Availability: Once enrolled, students have 30 days to complete this certification and to access the Knowledge Base. 

Courses include:

  • The Ample Organics Ecosystem: Learn about the software and hardware elements of the Ample Organics platform and how they are used within a cannabis facility.

  • Destruction: Learn how to set up, close, and destroy Destruction Lots, and explore the essential destruction workflow used throughout the seed-to-sale-software.
  • Grow: Learn how to perform an entire cultivation cycle, from seed to harvest, within the Ample Organics Grow Module.

  • Productions & Work Orders:  This course outlines the activities performed during a complete production cycle, from harvest to fulfillment, within Ample Organics.

  • Products: Learn how to create and package products, manage inventory, and trace a product’s origins.

  • Orders & Order Fulfillment: Gain an understanding of the Orders Module, and learn how to pick, label, and ship items to fulfill a client’s order.

  • Client Services: Learn how to register clients, manage a client database, and process orders for new and existing clients within the Ample Organics Clients Module.

  • Reports:  This course is an overview of the Reports Module. Learn about the reports most commonly used, where they live on the platform, and what information is used to easily generate them.

  • Setting Up for Production I:   Learn how to set up the Grow Module, Productions and Work Orders Module, and Products Module on the Ample Organics platform. This course will go over how to create grow rooms, strains, sales channels, and more, for consistency across your facility.

  • Setting Up for Production II: Learn how to set up the Destruction module, connect and test Hardware, and create Security Roles and User Accounts for users at your facility. This includes creating destruction reason codes, destruction substance types, reusable destruction vessels, and configuring the specialized printers and scales that interact with the Ample Organics Seed-to-Sale environment.

  • Wholesale: This course explores how Ample Organics facilitates wholesale transactions. Learn how to package cannabis into cases, manage vendors and sales orders in the Wholesale App, and organize inventory into shipments to fulfill wholesale orders.

Ample Organics Champion Certification